Iconography Contents

As our club identifies expertise to prepare and maintain an accurate, up to date, Iconography for a particular family we will add it here to help all collectors world wide to identifying their specimens.

We expect these Family Iconographies will be kept up to date with newly discovered species, name revisions to existing species, hybrids and new unusual colour forms or shapes. Explanatory text will be adjusted to remove any ambiguities that come to light, especially in regard to shell identification.

It is our intention to only establish Iconographies here only if we are confident they will be complete, and constantly updated. The webmaster for each Iconography needs to be one of the worlds recognised authorities for the family, or in constant contact with those who are. If you feel you could do justice to a particular family please introduce yourself to the head of our technical qualifying team. Des

If an Iconography losses its webmaster, it will be clearly marked as to what date it is accurate to.
There is no direct email query facility to each webmaster, so they are not burdened with time consuming 'nutter -mail"

Note - The Sydney Shell Collectors Club Inc only commenced the web site on 25th February 2003, so there are no completed Iconographies yet, although some are already well underway.

Also we have started a Local Live Shell Picture Gallery as an alternative to collecting specimens.