Sydney Shell Collectors Club Inc Reference Library

Our shell club library actively purchases new reference books and iconographies, to keep reference material as up to date as practical. The newer references are highlighted below

Books can be borrowed at one meeting return at the next, or by visiting the Librarian, Steve Dean, at a time that suits him. Books can only be borrowed by paid up members of the Sydney Shell Collectors Club Inc. Books are only lent to members who can physically collect them (Books will not be mailed)

Borrowing is free, but late returns without approval have severe fines: 50% of the replacement value of the book or $20 whichever is less. If you loose or damage a book you must pay for the replacement.

To request a book Email our Librarian

The schedule below lists the publications now available.

In the event that you have any books, articles and periodicals that have ceased to be of use, perhaps you could donate them to the Club to assist with research. Your gift would be most appreciated.

Sydney Shell Collectors Club Inc - Members Library
No. Title Author/Comments Date
A1 List of British Non-Marine Mollusca A S Kennard 1941
A2 Shells take over the world - National Geographic   1949
A3 Multiform Australian Volutes F Abbottsmith 1968
A4 Indo-Pacific Nassariidae W O Cernohorsky 1972
A5 A Revision of the Eatoniellidae of Australia Ponder & Yoo 1978
A6 Proceedings of the Linnean Society Vol 111   1878
A7 Proceedings of the Linnean Society, second series, Vol 1V   1989
A8 Molluscan Megadiversity: World Congress of Malacology World C OF M, Perth, WA 2004
IG1 Bivalves of Australia Vol 1 Lamprell, K & Whitehead, T. 1992
IG2 Bivalves of Australia Vol 2 Lamprell, K & Whitehead, T 1998
IG3 Seashells of Central New South Wales Patty Jansen 1995
IG4 Seashells of South-East Australia Patty Jansen 2000
IG5 1001 Nudibranchs Coleman, N. 2001
IG6 Encyclopaedia of Marine Gastropods Alain Robin 2008
IG7 Philippine Marine Mollusks V1 Guido Poppe 2008
IS1 The Mitridae of the world. Part 1 - Subfamily Mitrinae (Indo-Pacific Mollusca, V3 N17) Walter Cernohorsky 1976
IS2 Mitridae of the world. Part 2 - Mitrinae Concluded, and Subfamilies Imbricariinae and Cylindrimitrinae(Monographs of Marine Mollusca) Walter Cernohorsky 1991
IS3 Mitridae Costellariidae Robin & Martin 2004
IS4 Mitre Shells from the Pacific and Indain Oceans Pechar, Chris Prior, Parkinson 1980
IS5 Conchological Iconography - The Family Strombidae Conch Books 1999
IS6 Conchological Iconography - Harpidae Conch Books 1999
IS7 Guide to Worldwide Cowries Lorenz & Hubert 2000
IS8 New Worldwide Cowries Lorenz   2002
IS9 Freshwater Snails of the Tropical Pacific Islands Alison Haynes 2001
IS10 Maringellas Robert Lipe 1991
IS11 Olividae a collectors guide Gunther H W Sterba 2004
IS12 Olive Shells of the World Zeigler, Porreca 1969
IS13 Bursidae of the World (Copy) Tiziano Cossignani 1994
Kids1 Seashore searching Margaret Richmond 1980
Misc1 Many other articles in a binder   2006
Misc2 Registry of World Record Sizes 4th Edition Donald L Piser 2005
Misc3 Xenophoridae species identification notes Steve Dean 2007
NBG1 The Scallop, Studies of a shell and its influences on mankind Eight Authors 1957
OAP1 Australian Shells Joyce Allan 1959
OAP2 Queensland and Great Barier Reef Shells Rippingale, McMichael 1961
OAP3 A Reference List of Marine Molluscs of NSW Iredale, T. & McMichael, DF. 1962
OAP5 Shells and shell collecting S. Peter Dance 1972
OAP6 Shells of New Guinea and the Central Indo-Pacific Alan Hinton 1975
OAP7 Shell Collecting In Australia Neville Coleman 1976
OAP8 Shell collectors colour guide J & R Senders 1984
OAP9 Spiny Oyster Shells of the World Spondylus Kevin Lamprell 1986
P1 The Sydney Sheller (From July 1998 on)   Current
P2 Australian Shell News Newsletter of the MSA Incomplete
P3 MSA Molluscan Research - Formerly Journal of  MSA,Start 1995 V15   Current
P4 Journal of the MSA (From no 1 Sep 1957-End)   Current
P5 The Radula MSA QLD Newsletter   Current
P6 MSA Victorian Branch Bulletin   Current
P7 South Australia - Shell Grit   Current
P8 Keppel Bay Tidings   Current
P9 Whitsunday Shell Club - Newsletter   Current
P10 Tidewatch - Townsville Shell Club   Current
P11 W.A. Shell Collector   Current
P12 Cairns Shell News   Current
P13 The Marine Zoologist Vol 1 N0.  8 (1961) Complete Set 1961
P14 Of Sea and Shore only a few 2006
P15 Poirieria V31 Aukland Museum 2005
P16 The Port Phillip Bay Shell Group, Newsletter   2005
P17 American Cochologist   2005
P18 Cookia   Recent
P19 COA   Some

IG Identification General - many/all families and species
IS Identification Specific - family or other narrow grouping
P Periodicals - clubs, societies and other
A Articles
OAP Old dated reference books and Articles and Publications
Misc Miscellaneous
NBG Non-reference, picture Books to Gape at
Kids Kids books