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Results from recent past annual shows:

40th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2020 - 1st Places:

39th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2019 - 1st Places:


Category 1st
Shell of Show Gastropod Ron Moylan
Shell of Show Bivalve Ron Moylan
Shell with wow factor Ashley Miskelly
Conidae Peter Pienaar
Volutidae Peter Pienaar
Volutidae Ron Moylan
Muricidae Ian Mattiske
Muricidae Kim Bishop
Strombidae and/or Lambis Jack Hannan
Haliotidae Ashley Miskelly
Zoila Ron Moylan
Umbilia Kim Bishop
Molluscs of one locality Ashley Miskelly
Variation of single species Ashley Miskelly
Harpidae Kim Bishop
Hand Drawings Mike Shea
Photographs live shell Jack Hannan
Educational Display (COA) Ian Lumsden


38th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2018 - 1st Places:

Category First
Shell of Show Gastropod Ron Moylan
Shell of Show Bivalve Ron Moylan
Shell with wow factor Ashley Miskelly
Vasidae Steve Dean
Fasciolariidae Steve Dean
Buccinidae Steve Dean
Harpidae and Morum Kim Bishop
Olividae Chris Barnes
Muricidae Kim Bishop
Strombidae and/or Lambis Jack Hannan
Landsnails Steve Dean
Pectinidae Ashley Miskelly
Conidae Peter Pienaar
Zoila Ron Moylan
Cypraeidae Aust Chris Barnes
Cypraeidae WW Ron Moylan
Volutidae Aust Peter Pienaar
Volutidae WW Peter Pienaar
Molluscs of one locality Ashley Miskelly
Favourite other family Steve Dean
Variation of one species Ron Moylan
Pictorial/Photograph Jack Hannan
Educational Display Kim Bishop
COA if awarded Kim Bishop


37th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2017 - 1st Places:

Category First
Shell of the Show (Gastropod) Kim Bishop
Shell of the Show (Bivalve) Steve Dean
Most Spectacular Shell with WOW Factor Ron Moylan
Columbarium W/W Steve Dean
Conidae W/W Ron Moylan
Cypraeidae W/W Ron Moylan
Umbilia Steve Dean
Zoila Ron Moylan
Harpidae Ian Mattiske
Muricidae  Ian Mattiske
Olividae W/W Chris Barnes
Strombidae W/W Jack Hannan
Volutidae W/W Peter Pienaar
Volutidae Australian / NZ Ian Lumsden
Pectinidae Steve Dean
Land Snails Steve Dean
Ranellidae, Busidae and/or Personidae Steve Dean
Favorite Shells Steve Dean
Shells from One Australian Locality Jack Hannan
Educational (COA) Ian Mattiske
Photographs of live shells Jack Hannan


36th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2016 - 1st Places:

Category First place
Shell of the Show Ron Moylan
Shell with WOW Factor Peter Pienaar
Cypraeidae Worldwide Chris Barnes
Cypraeidae found in Australia Chris Barnes
Umbilia Kim Bishop
Zoila Ron Moylan
Conidae Worldwide Peter Pienaar
Volutidae Worldwide Peter Pienaar
Volutidae Australia/NZ Peter Pienaar
Variation of one Volutidae species Peter Pienaar
Muricidae Worldwide Steve Dean
Olividae Worldwide Chris Barnes
Cassidae Steve Dean
Strombidae and/or Lambis Jack Hannan
One Locality in Australia or NZ Chris Barnes
Favourite Family - Other Steve Dean
Other Marine Life Sharon Barrie
Educational Exhibit Sharon Barrie
New member general favourite shells Ian Lumsden
Photographs of shells with animal Jack Hannan


35th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2015 - Categories:


Exhibit No. Category Location Specimens
1 Shell of the Show Any 1
2 Wow factor Any 1
3 Cassidae Worldwide 10 to 15
4 Conidae Worldwide 20
5 Cypraeidae Worldwide 20
6 Zoila Australia 15
7 Umbilia Australia 10
8 Haliotidae Worldwide 10
9 Harpidae and/or Morums Any 20
10 Muricinae Any 20
11 Spondylidae Any 10 to 15
12 Strombidae Worldwide 15 to 20
13 Volutidae Queensland 15 to 20
14 Any Bivalve Worldwide 10 to 20
15 Marine Life Display Any Minimum 10
16 Conidae QLD QLD 15 to 20
17 Cypraeidae QLD QLD 15 to 20
18 Land Snails Australia 15 to 20
19 Marginellidae Worldwide 15 to 20
20 Mitridae Worldwide 15 to 20
21 Muricidae Australia 15 to 20
22 Olividae Worldwide 15 to 20


34th NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2014 - Results:  

Click here for Exhibit photos






1        Shell of Show - individually exhibited       Maureen Anderson     NA                         NA

2.             Cypraeidae - Umbilia                              Kim Bishop               Shane Caulfield       Steve Dean
                                                                                                          Special mention Ferim

3.             Cypraeidae - Zoila                                  Ron Moylan              Ron Moylan            -

4.             Small Cypraeidae <35mm                      Shane Caulfield         Steve Dean             Jack Hannan

5.             Conidae WW                                        Ron Moylan               Peter  Pienaar         Peter  Pienaar
                                                                                        Special mention Peter Pienaar and Steve Dean

6.             Volutidae WW                                      Ron Moylan               Peter  Pienaar          -

7.             Tribe Lyriini (one or more genus)             Ian Mattiske              Peter  Pienaar         Steve Dean

8.             Muricidae WW                                      Ron Moylan               Steve Dean             Ferim Orucu

9.             Strombidae &/or Lambis                         Steve Dean               Jack Hannan           Sharon Barrie

10.          Olividae WW                                          -                               -                            -

11.         Bivalves                                                Sharon Barrie             Steve Dean             -

12      Cassidae                                              Steve Dean                 -                            -

13      Shells of one Locality                             Ron Moylan               Jack Hannan          Sharon Barrie

14      Novice Open General Shells                   Sharon Barrie             Ferim Orucu          Ferim Orucu

15      General Marine Life                                Ashley Miskelly         Sharon Barrie          Jack Hannan

16      Shell Photos                                         Jack Hannan               -                            -

17.          Conchologists of America Award              -                               -                            -

(In total - 35 competitive exhibits, 7 non competitive educational exhibits, 4 shell sellers)

Thirty Third NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2013 - Results:  






1        Shell of Show                                        Ron Moylan            Peter Pienaar          Ron Moylan

2.             Cypraeidae WW                                    Chris Barnes             -                             -

3.             Cypraeidae Australia (no Zoila)                Chris Barnes           Jack Hannan            -

4.             Umbilia                                                 Shane Caulfield        Ron Moylan              Steve Dean

5.             Zoila                                                     Ron Moylan               -                             -

6.             Conidae WW                                         Peter Pienaar           Ron Moylan             -

7.             Volutidae WW                                       Ron Moylan              -                             -

8.             Volutitdae Aust/NZ                                 Peter  Pienaar          -                             -

9.             Variation of one Volutidae species           Peter  Pienaar          Peter  Pienaar         -

10.          Bursidae                                               Steve Dean               -                            -

11.         Olividae WW                                         Chris Barnes             -                            -

12      Harpidae                                               Ron Moylan               -                            -

13      One Locality                                          Ian Mattiske             Jack Hannan           -

14      Four Families - 5 species in each            Chris Barnes             -                            -

15.          Conchologists of America Award             Jack Hannan              -                             -



Thirty Second NSW Annual Shell Show, October 2012 - Results:  






1.             Shell of Show Best in competitive exhibit Peter Pienaar           -                             -

2.             Shell of Show individually exhibited          Ian Mattiske             -                             -

3.             Conidae                                                Peter Pienaar          Peter Pienaar          Peter Pienaar

4.             Cypraeidae                                            Kornel Kovacs          Kornel Kovacs          -

5.             Cypraidae with lots of dorsum dots          Steve Dean               -                             -

6.             Volutidae                                               Peter Pienaar           Ian Mattiske           Peter Pienaar

7.             Strombidae including Lambis                   Steve Dean              Jack Hannan            -

8.             Self collected molluscs                           Jack Hannan             -                             -

9.             Favourite shells                                      Ian Mattiske             Kim Bishop             Steve Dean

10.          Photos of Gastropod shell, while alive      Jack Hannan             -                            -

11.          Photos of other marine life                      Jack Hannan             -                            -

12.          Conchologists of America Award             Ian Mattiske              -                             -