Shell Related Links and Contacts

In General sites are only listed below if they include useful information to help identify shells.

Up to date Australian on-line reference sites:
Des Beechey's site 

Australian Major Shell Dealers: 
Australian Seashells (Hugh Morrison great for Australian shells) 
Merv Cooper's Perth Shells 

The best International on-line shell reference sites:
The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
Man and mollusc 
Guido Poppe's Conchology
Indo-Pacific Mollusc Database (a project that will list all Indo-Pacific molluscs based on literature references) 
Malacog (find references, correct names, synonymies etc. for all Eastern American Shells) 
CLEMAM (find references, correct names, synonymies etc. for all European Shells) 
Cypraeidae Felix Lorenz
Chile Shells 
Philippines Shells 
Hardys Guide http:// 
Western Atlantic Database 
Index to organism names
Superfamily Mitroidea

Non-Australian Shell Clubs with useful referenece information:
Jacksonville Shell club 
Hawaiian Shell News 
American Malacological Society 
Netherlands MS 

International Major Shell Dealers:
Molluscs Net (Auction Site)
Femorale (Brazil)
Caledonian Shells

Shell discussion groups:
Join Conch-list, shell discussion group at the COA site

A pretty decent list of all commercial shell-related sites on the web:
 More links

World wide tide calculator for intertidal research planning: