Past Events, meetings & field trip programs

Monthly meeting Presentation Program 2020 

Date           Presenter Presenter Topic Theme Shell Topic
25 Jan Any and all Mini Talks - by as many members as possible Ugliest shell you just cant part with
22 Feb NA National Shell Show 2021 Planning meeting. Finalise competition categories Cowrie - Single species big and small pair
28 Mar   Cancelled  
18 Apr Zoom Mini shell show in a single category: Volutes that can be found in NSW. Plus how to judge workshop, using the competition exhibits as examples. A skinny (spindle like) volute WW
9 May Zoom Cones, plus mini-talks, several on C. ammiralis Black shell (Paint or mud stains not allowed).
23 May Zoom Strombs Sinistral Shells = spiral anticlockwise
6 June Zoom Murex Shells that are not Molluscs, but still produced by living creatures
20 June Zoom Olives Xenophoridae
4 July Zoom
Angus Hawke
Australian shells through the Ages, fossils to current. Shell species that naturally look dirty even once cleaned. Excluding fossils.
18 July NA BBQ at Ashley's House. BYO everything. Starts at Midday. Also our AGM NA
22 Aug TBA  Bayview Hall Favourite Shell
26 Sep TBA  Bayview Hall Shell that is large for the species
24 Oct NA 40th Annual Shell Show Bayview NA
28 Nov TBA Bayview Hall Favourite Tiger cowrie
TBA Dec    Xmas lunch at Ryde Eastwood Club  

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