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Shell Club Meets Monthly

Come along to one of our monthly meetings, talk to local collectors, look at rare shells, buy swap or sell shells.

Send us an email to reconfirm details for our next Sydney meeting. 

We usually meet on the 4th Saturday of each month. (Except December)
We meet at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues-Club
117 Ryedale Road, along side West Ryde Station
We arrive at around 1.00-1.30pm to look at shells and then the meeting commences at 2pm followed by presentations. We usually finish 4pm or so.

Our club has a small annual show each October. There are competitive displays, educational exhibits and both collector grade and decorator shells for sale or swap.

Monthly meeting Presentation Program 2018-19
(Subject to change or shuffling to suit presenters)


Date Presenter Presenter Topic Theme Shell Topic
27 Jan Stephanie Clark Named new species. from remote springs in USA Most colourful shell
24 Feb Jack Hannan

Various people

National in Perth
Shells found out of normal habitat range
24 Mar Steve Dean Nautilus Striped Shell
28 Apr Remmy. Ron, Ashley, Kornel Philippines shell Expo Shell with great underside. (who cares about dorsal side)
26 May Ian Mattiske Interesting QLD Cypraea - subviridis, coucomi, porteri, oriettae, petilirostris, capricornica, etc Pairs of shells - smallest and biggest of same species
23 June Ron Moylan Voluta bednalli Green shell
28 July All Mini Talks Dwarf shell
25 Aug Ashley & Ron


The recent shell show in China

Report on NSW Protection Zone Draft
Ugly species, but gem shell
22 Sep Guest speaker: Ingo Burghardt Research Associate, Malacology and Marine Invertebrates Department, Australian Museum, Sydney Ecology and evolution of "solar-powered" opisthobranchs Shell with a naturally flattish shape. (not bivalve)
27 Oct NA Annual Shell Show NA
24 Nov How the swains reef shell trip went Steve, Ron, Remmy, Ian Chris Shell with swirls in shell pattern. (IE not just dots, stipes or zig zags, actual swirly lines, or as close to this as possible)
8 Dec Informal meeting for chat start arriving from 10.30am Followed by Xmas Lunch in Ryde Eastwood Club Bistro. Then continue social chat. NA
19 Jan Des Beechey Microscopic shell, smaller than
Syrinx aruanus
A shell that is big for species
23 Feb 19 Anders Australian Deep Water Turrids Interesting Turrids WW
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  On line identification resources and their validity Anders & Stephanie  


Next NSW Annual Show

Next NSW Annual Show 26th October 2019 (39th Annual Sydney Shell Show)

General public are welcome from 2pm to 4pm

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club - Ryedale Room

Two months before the show members vote to decide what families of shell will be exhibited and judged.
There are usually around twelve categories selected plus children's, novice and photos as appropriate. Categories,  number of specimens, range are advertised here once decided. Also for each category, number of specimens, range, and other judging criteria are indicated.

There is usually shells for sale and swap.

There are experts who can name your unidentified specimens

Program for members, guests and visitors:

11.00           Set up tables
11.30 - 12.30  Set up competitive displays, non-competitive displays and shells for sale
12.30 - 2.00    Judging and Lunch rotations
1.30 - 2.30    Label prize certificates
2.00 - 4.00    Public viewing. Public viewing. Shell sales.
4.00 - 5.00    Pack up displays
5.30             Some members stay for dinner

For most categories the judging criteria are -
60% Quality and perfection of specimens (NOT rarity).
20% Variety of genus, locality and size as appropriate
10% Quality of visual display and aesthetic appeal (but not the display box or lid)
10% Number in display, correct name and author, other labelling detail

Categories TBA:

Results from recent past NSW annual shows:

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