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Newsletter of the Shell Club of Sydney
NSW Branch, The Malacological Society of Australasia Limited ACN 067 894 848

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First Issue June-July 1979; Last Issue June 2011
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Click 1998 Shellers Some of the topics in each issue:
June 1998 Second National Shell Show Manly - Review
July 1998 Turbinellidae Pt12, Cadel Marl Fossils, NZ Amber Shells, Collecting code of Ethics, Natal Museum
Aug 1998 Cone Toxins, Sydney Harbour, 1935 death from Conus Geographus
Sep 1998 Cone pain killers, Micro Shells, Sydney Harbour 2, Puzzle
Oct 1998 Nudibranchs, Australian Haliotdae (Abalones), Killer Cones
Nov 1998 - Dec 1998 Giant Squid feature, Cleaning shells - bleach, Local Shell Show Results

Click 1999 Shellers Some of the topics in each issue:
Jan 1999 - Feb 1999 Tasmania trip, Club Xmas excursion
Mar 1999 NSW sinistral shells, Eopseuma phyllotapezium,  Pearls from Abalones
Apr 1999 Turbinellidae Pt13, QLD shells, Murex antibiotics, Cowries as money
May 1999 Turbinellidae Pt14, New Caledonia Shells
June 1999 Sydney Shell Poster, New Caledonia Shells 2
July 1999 China Land & Freshwater, Club AGM, Lorna Marrow collection
Aug 1999 Sydney Harbour Oil Spill, Shark Is, Australian private collections, Fulgoraria
Sep 1999 Tasmanian Scallops, Cymatium armatum
Oct 1999 Turbinellidae Pt15, Buy & Sell shells via the web, Chris & Karen Marriage
Nov 1999 - Dec 1999 Turbinellidae Pt16, Shark Island 2 Sydney Harbour

Click 2000 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Jan 2000  - Feb 2000 Rapa incurva, Domain Forwarding, Around the net
Mar 2000 Cypraea of Little Bay Sydney, Pattella, Shark Island 3
Apr 2000 Mollusc family tree, Rodd Island Sydney Harbour, 
May 2000 Shellers Creed, Pilot Whales, Microshells, Club asset wish list
June 2000 - July 2000 Club AGM, Other minutes, - No articles in this issue
Aug 2000 - Sep 2000 Shelling in Broome, Swains Reef GBR expedition, Club activities 1999/2000

Click 2001 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Oct 2000 - Jan 2001 Swains expedition species observed, What to see at Long Reef Sydney, Local Shell Show results
Feb 2001 Marine conservation, Saving Abalones, Jervis Bay, Kurnell, Lady Io Meyers
Mar 2001 - Apr 2001 Hawks Nest field trip, Swains list supplement, Cone wars (copy)
May 2001 Callala Beach, Little Bay Cypraea, Sydney Harbour
June 2001 Kev in Nth QLD, Club activities 2000/2001
July 2001 - Aug 2001 Townsville & Yeppoon Shell Shows, Triggs Beach WA, History of Malacological research, Club AGM, 3D shell image
Sep 2001 - Oct 2001 Gold Coast QLD, NSW Haliotidae, Marion Reef Coral Sea expedition

Click 2002 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Nov 2001 - Jan 2002 Murbco SA fossils, Local Shell Show pictures, Norah Head field trip, Local interesting finds, Club Xmas dinner caricatures, 
Feb 2002 - April 2002 Jervis Bay, Woolgoolga, Vanuatu with the kids, Conus Howelli, National Shell Show Brisbane.
May 2002 Chocolate Cypraea coxeni, About beaches, Deep water urchin
June 2002 Turbinellidae Pt18, Limpets, Farmed Haliotis rufescens, Club activity 01/02
July 2002 - Aug 2002 Turbinellidae Pt19, Turbinellidae Pt20, Aquatic reserves, Club AGM
Sep 2002 Turbinellidae Pt17, Turbinellidae Pt21, Pet Conus geographus, Jervis Bay
Oct 2002 - Nov 2002 Local Shell Show results and pictures, Phillip Island Land Snails

Click 2003 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 2002 - Feb 2003 Long Bay field trip, Long Bay Pinaxia versicolor, Your shell knowledge?
Mar 2003 - Apr 2003 Selecting good shell reference books, Help find missing marine spider, Micro-Bivalves in Broken Bay, Shell Harbour,
May 2003 Turbinellidae Pt22, Trip to Kangaroo Is, Have you found messages in bottles, Conservation at Chinamans Beach, Weedy Seadragons, Quiz
June 2003 Molluscan Murder, President Annual Report, Pittwater Council Presentation, Shells of The Caspian Sea
August 20th Aniversary Edition 20 Years of Sheller, 24 years of the news letter. Only the introductory words shown. Articles Lists are now at the top of this web page, and the pictures  from other shellers on this site are not shown.
July 2003 - Sep 2003 Fiji Trip, Mysterious Sea Mouse (Polychaetes worm)
Oct 2003 - Nov 2003 Shell Show results, Bali Trip, 

Click 2004 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 2003 - Feb 2004 Nth NSW Field Trip with unusual Cypraea tigris, Triphoridae
Mar04 Apr04 Great Ocean Road (VIC)
May Jul 04 Presentation to Non-Collectors
Aug 04 Oct 04 Cypraea Cribraria Fallax/Haddnightae; Cabbage Tree Bay
Nov04 Dec04 South Australia; Shells Near Sydney Airport

Click 2005 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Jan - Feb 05 Sydney Harbour; Callala; Shark Is; New Zealand
March 05 Shell Judging; Ultrasonic Cleaning
Apr - May 05 Long Bay 1; Tsunami
June 05 Long Bay 2; Australian Invasive Species
July 05 Cleaning Shells
Aug 05 All about Bursida
Sep - Dec 05 Long Bay shells 3

Click 2006 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Jan - Feb 06 Long Bay part 4; WA trip
Mar - June 06 National 2006, and minutes
July - August 06 Long Bay part 5; Marine Toxins
Sep 06 Long Bay Survey; Lake Macquarie Pinnidae Plague
Oct - Nov 06 Sydney’s ‘Painted Ladies’

Click 2007 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 06 - Jan 07 Australia’s Cretaceous Ammonites; Inaugural COA award
Feb - Mar 07 Shell Show 2006 results
Apr - May 07 A new Australian Epitoniidae; Turbinidae
June - Sep 07 New meeting format
Oct - Dec 07 Collecting Near Darwin

Click 2008 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Jan - Mar 08 Poison cones; Bass Straight
Apr - May 08 Harpidae; Murex
Jun - July 08 Sydney strombs
Aug - Sep 08 NT shells; Cancellariidae
Oct - Nov 08 Global warming

Click 2009 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 08 - Feb 09 Kurnell
Mar 09 - May 09 NZ Shell Show; Umbilia armeniaca
June 09 - Aug 09 Sea urchins
Sep 09 - Nov 09 Annual Shell Show and COA

Click 2010 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 09 - Mar 10 Toowoon Bay, Freemantle National
Apr - July 10 Jibbon Beach and Terebra nitida
Aug - Nov 10 Darwin and NT

Click 2011 Sheller Some of the topics in each issue:
Dec 10 - Mar 11 Three Field Trips to view shells
Apr 11 - June 11 The last Printed Sydney Sheller
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